Top 10 Best Cat Scratchers Review In 2018 – A Step By Step Guide

Cats have an insatiable desire to sharpen their claws. They won’t mind scratching your expensive furniture, curtains, and door frames. Before you get frustrated about the destruction going on in your house, we think it’s time you get your pet a cat scratcher.

It can be a nerve-wracking experience if you can’t find the right design. Cats want a material that shreds as they claw. It’s a way of marking their territory as they leave their claw marks wherever they scratch.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Cat Scratchers

If you are looking to find the best scratcher, choices are unlimited, and it can feel like walking through a maze. We have designed this article for every kitty owner who wants to find the ideal scratcher where their feline friends can flex, stretch, shed and exercise.

We hope it will guide your choice and even bring an end to your search.

10. 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

With sturdy aluminum construction and an 18-inch height, the 4CLAWS scratching pole is both a convenient and functional post for your cat. It is a wall-mounted scratcher, and you can achieve the ideal height to give your cat a full stretch no matter their height and size.

You will like that it has a sisal creation since it will not only shred, but it is also environment-friendly. Not to mention, it is a material that is not similar to that of furniture meaning you can get the cat to stop using other items like your carpet.

This model is a space-saving solution for many homes seeing that you only need to find a strong surface to mount it. It can go on the wall or a cupboard, and you won’t have to deal with a post that could tip over and fall on your cat.

  • It is tall to offer sufficient room for stretching
  • It is heavy-duty; made from anodized aluminum
  • Sisal appeals to most cats’ scratching needs
  • It comes with stainless steel mounting screws
  • It has a slight smell when it’s new, but it goes away after the first day

9. Midwest Feline Nuvo Durable Cat Scratching Post

MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture; Durable Cat Trees & Cat Scratching Posts

If you have a large cat, you’ll probably want a super durable and thick scratching post. The Midwest Feline Nuvo fulfills just that need. It is pretty tall, standing at 41 inches high so your cat will have some fun climbing all the way to the top. It has a sturdy base covered with ultra-soft brown faux fur. This makes it easy to wipe off cat hair and accidents. It is a space saving design, resembling a cat tree every way you look at it.

The Midwest Feline Nuvo is wrapped in sisal. Just the ideal material as it is tough and resilient to constant scratching. It is a naturally appealing material that will satisfy your cat’s need to scratch. It can be of use with cats with either clawed or declawed paws.

This sisal pole is easy to assemble. It comes with an Allen wrench which makes it easy to put it together. The dark fur easily wipes clean using a mild detergent and a damp cloth. The brown color makes it easy to blend with any décor. Now your cat can steer clear of furniture and other household items as they have the time of their life on the Midwest Feline Nuvo.

  • It is an oversized post for large cats
  • Ultra-soft brown faux fur base is easy to clean
  • It has a one-year warranty
  • Extremely durable sisal construction
  • Isolated complaint about the levels being small

8. isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge

isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge corrugated Cat Scratcher Cardboard Protector for Furniture Couch Floor Eco-friendly Toy - Keep Cats Fun Healthy Come with Catnip

isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge is a comfortable and functional cat scratcher. It is in a curved design with construction from recycled cardboard and non-toxic cornstarch glue. The modern shape makes for the right napping place. You’ll also be happy that it comes with catnip to entice your cats into using it.

This scratcher is corrugated and larger than an average unit. It can fit all-sized cats thanks to the large play area. With cardboard covering both sides of the scratcher, it can be flipped to provide more room for relaxation.

  • It’s in neutral colors
  • Catnip stimulates the cat to scratch
  • It has a large area for use with all-sized cats
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • It is a little more expensive than other models

7. Catit Scratcher with Catnip

Catit Scratcher with Catnip

Groom that cat’s claws with the Catit Scratcher with catnip. It is a corrugated scratching surface that will keep the cat claws in their prime. If your cat does not prefer a vertical scratching surface, they will love using this scratcher right on the floor. This model is durably constructed with cardboard to withstand constant use while retaining its natural appeal for cats.

The wide design allows use with more than one kitty so they can share and help protect your furniture from claw damage. You’ll be able to place it in their favorite position so your kitten can scratch the way they like it.

  • It is available in two sizes
  • The corrugated surface is long-lasting
  • It includes catnip to increase the cat’s interest
  • Versatile- it can be laid vertically or horizontally
  • It may not satisfy cats that like tall vertical scratching posts

6. Max and Marlow Sisal Scratch Post

Max and Marlow 26 in. Sisal Scratch Post

Here’s a simple but robust scratch post. The Max and Marlow unit is 30 inches tall to meet the demands of most cats. It is a wooden post that features durable but chic fabric on the top and the base. It also includes a hanging bird toy that will provide hours of fun for your pet.
This post is wrapped with thick, high-quality sisal. It should provide usage for a decent period more so with very active cats. Your cat will quickly sharpen their claws and find a fun place to exercise. The base is quite sturdy so your cat won’t ever fear since it won’t be swinging back and forth.

  • The 30-inch length provides a full stretch
  • Robust base prevents wobbling
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Toy keeps the cat interested in the post
  • It does not come with assembly instructions

5. PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratcher and Post

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratcher and Post (Available in Two Sizes)

Do you want a unique scratcher that peaks the interest of your feline friends? Well, the 3-sided Pet Fusion is an all-around model that works as a play area and a place for scratching and lounging. It suits cats that love vertical scratching on cardboard. It has an eco-friendly construction from recycled, corrugated cardboard and cornstarch glue.

The triangle shape gives the cats more room as you can rotate it as much as you’d like. What’s more, it will not need any assembly. You just get it out of its package, and it is ready for use. This scratcher also comes with sticky feet to prevent it from sliding. PetFusion even includes a bag of catnip so your kitty can fall for their new toy.

If you love warm grey color palettes, you’ll be able to blend it with your current furniture. It has enough room for two kitties and the space made by the triangle creates an area where the cat can scratch and nap. We don’t expect it to last forever, but corrugated cardboard is a better choice for longevity than other materials.

  • Stylish, triangular design
  • Comes with organic catnip leaves
  • Curved to provide various scratching angles
  • It does not require any assembly
  • Not suitable for cats that like scratching on sisal ropes

4. TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Posts

TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Post

The Parla scratching post by TRIXIE Pet Products is a popular choice. First is affordably priced, and second, the model has a construction from sisal rope. The top and the base are of platinum gray faux fur which is pretty easy to maintain. Sisal rope does not shed as much as cardboard so it will be sometime before you notice all the mess your cats have made.

This post offers the right height for stretching and flexing. It will be an excellent choice for cats in all sizes and activity levels. The wooden base and post provide the ideal stability that prevents tipping over. This instills confidence in your feline friends as they pursue their natural instincts to scratch.

The faux fur on the top and base provides a durable platform since it does not come apart like regular carpet. The wound sisal rope may not be as long-lasting as woven sisal, but TRIXIE has done an excellent job ensuring it will remain in good condition.

  • Natural sisal encourages scratching
  • Sturdy, coated base plate
  • It uses faux fur that is more durable than carpet
  • 24-inch height is suitable for most cats
  • Large cats may knock it over since it is not very heavy

3. Catit Urban Bench Style Scratcher with Catnip

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

Available in three designs, the Catit Style is perhaps the most inexpensive design. It features a corrugated surface that is lightweight and easy to shred. It is a horizontal style scratcher that will also provide a place to sleep for your kitty. We like that it is long and wide such that it will fulfill both scratching and flexing needs for two cats.

This scratcher has curved areas that give cats a good angle to shed both the front and back claws. Since the material is lightweight, it may shed more so the unit might create a mess. But it has ample playing area which is as essential as the usable surface. It is a compelling product that will encourage grooming and exercise.

  • Space-saving design
  • The large area can be used for scratching and napping
  • Environment-friendly construction from lightweight cardboard
  • Includes catnip to be sprinkled on the board
  • It is not reversible

2. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge - Superior Cardboard & Construction

Cats love a place they can use just the way they want. With the PetFusion, Cat Scratcher Lounge you will have real value for the dime you spend on it. With construction of recycled cardboard, it is both safe and great for the environment. Rough cats will love using this design since it is heavy-duty and will not shed as fast as other cardboard units.

This scratcher has a curved design with a hollow interior where your kitty can rest. The 34-inch length is ideal for large cats that love horizontal scratchers. It comes with catnip leaves where you can lay them out to attract cats and get them off your couch.

This Petfusion scratcher can be flipped to increase its longevity. It also has sticky feet that keep it stable on hard surfaces. You will love the modern design which blends easily with all décor. This way, you can easily allocate it a permanent location in your living room.

  • It is a space saving design
  • Heavy-duty cardboard does not shed easily
  • It is reversible to be used on both sides
  • Long to accommodate large cats
  • It attracts lots of hair

1. Pioneer Pet SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

When looking for a cat scratcher, you want to give your kitty their best experience. The Pioneer Pet SmartCat Post makes it to our number one position for a good reason. One, it is perhaps the highest quality we have seen on the market so far, and second, the post is 32 inches tall.

This post has a construction of woven sisal. It resists unraveling when used by rough cats, saving your furniture and other household items from the cat’s claws. Cats can scratch to their full length, and they will feel fully supported thanks to the robust base. It flows right with a cat’s desire to be territorial as it is durable and it can be used for a long time.

This post will come in handy as a play area to help remove old nail sheaths, relieve stress and boredom as well as offer warm-up before engaging in vigorous play. As for you, this model saves you from constant cleaning as it does not shed fast.

  • It towers at 32 inches high
  • It has a heavy-duty base to support active cats
  • Easy to put together
  • Fibrous, woven sisal fiber is very durable
  • It does not appeal to cats that love sisal ropes

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Scratching is a natural kitty trait, so a scratcher is a must-have item for every cat owner. With these cat scratcher models, we hope your cat can spare your furniture and start grooming their nails on a nice surface. These brands have showcased high-quality designs that will naturally attract your cats. Some have even included catnip to entice your kitties further.
Don’t look on as your favorite couch comes apart; go on and bring one of these scratchers to your feline friend.

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