Top 10 Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

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A Complete Guide On Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

Just as we prepare for our new human babies, the efforts should be the same for our new fluffy babies. Before bringing your new cat home, ensure that you have everything that they will need to feel comfortable and at home. And, to avoid the rush and to ensure that you don’t miss anything, buy or collect everything in advance. You can have a list to ensure that you will have everything ready. The “getting ready” process can be overwhelming especially if you are a first pet owner, but it’s manageable with early planning. Here are the Top 10 Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners.

Cat Food & Treats

Top 10 Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

To make sure that you are getting the right food for the cat or kitten, talk to the current caregiver and ask what they have been feeding them. By doing this you are minimizing the changes that the cat is about to face in the new home because environmental change is huge by itself. You can also ask what foods they like most and those they dislike to save yourself the trial and errors.

However, if you will be getting your cat/kitten from a breeder, they will most likely have a contract stating what you should feed them. Getting the food in advance ensures that you have the time to get exactly what the cat loves because you don’t want your cat to sleep hungry the first day they come home or even ever. And, as you buy the food, don’t forget the cat treats as well. Remember, cats, just as human babies, love to be rewarded when they do something right and that’s how they know what they are doing right or wrong.

Note: Kittens need to be fed more proteins and fats and there are also some foods that are specifically formulated for kittens. On the other hand, adult cats do well with canned foods and dry foods.

Food & Water Cat Bowls

Now that you have the food, think of how you are going to serve your new cat. The most important part to remember when shopping for a cat bowl is that it should be non-lead-glazed if it’s ceramic and you should avoid plastics since they are easy to scratch and can harbor bacteria. Stainless steel bowls also are a great choice.

Also, there are automatic water and food servers that really come in handy especially if you will be leaving your cat alone at home for long hours, say if you go to school or job. Of course, you have the option to serve them everything before going, but just as you, cats too love to take fresh tasting foods and water. It’s so heartbreaking to walk back in the house to a very hungry or thirsty cat and you also won’t be at ease if you happen to stay longer than planned and you know your cat has already finished the food or water that you left them in a bowl. So, you can opt for bigger bowls or go for automatic cat servers.

Cat Litters & Cat Litter Boxes

After feeding your new fluffy friend, you must have a cat litter and a litter box ready for them. And, these are must-have cat items. When buying a cat litter box, have the cat’s size in mind. If the cat is grown, go for a sizable box because there is a high chance that they will be throwing it around often. Luckily, cat litter boxes come in all sizes and all manner of extravagant so you can choose one based on your budget.

If you are getting a kitten, ensure that the litter box is low enough such that they can enter and leave easily. Also, you can get creative and make your own cat litter box if you have plastic containers but ensure that it is totally safe.

When looking for cat litter, you will come across many types; plant-based, clumping clay cat litters etc. However, clay litters stir up dust a lot and they might cause health issues while the clumping clay cat litters should be used with care as they have an ingredient that can cause health issues to your cat if ingested. Overall, plant-based liters are the safest. Remember that if your cat won’t like the litter or the litter box they might find somewhere else to do their business and most probably it will be under your furniture and you don’t want to deal with such mess.

Cat Toys

Top 10 Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

You will rarely come across a cat that hates playing. In fact, most of the times you will be forced to ignore your cat or just find a way to keep them busy on their own because they never have enough play time. So, get ready with some cat toys for that bonding time with your new friend. But, don’t think about it as too much work or even bother about it because once the cat arrives in the house, playing with them becomes automatic and you will actually be looking forward to it. There are many cat toys, just ensure that they are safe for them. They should be totally sturdy because otherwise, your cat will tear them off within no time.

And, to spice up your play time, you can get various cat toys because just as humans, cats too get bored with playing with the same toy for too long. Most of these toys are pretty affordable so getting many won’t be a problem.

Cat Bed

Top 10 Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

Getting a cat bed is optional but it’s much recommended. You two might enjoy sharing a bed at first, but as the time goes and some changes happen here and there, you might appreciate having your own separate beds. At times you will just want your own company or you might have to share a bed with someone else and you don’t want to have the cat between you.

So, to avoid feeling like you are being unfair to your cat for forcing him/her to sleep somewhere new on such nights, get them their own bed and train them to sleep in it till morning. If the cat hasn’t been sleeping on their bed in their previous home, you might need to be a little patient because it might take some time for them to adjust.

When choosing a kitty bed, go for comfort, space, and ease of washing. Again, the size of your cat should guide you here. It shouldn’t be too spacious nor too small to feel uncomfortable.

Cat Furniture

Top 10 Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners


On cat furniture, the one thing you should give a priority is the cat scratching post. Cats/kittens love scratching and if they don’t have a scratching post they will go on your carpet or coach and the damage might be huge. And, the scratching thing is not unique to some cats. This is another side of their nature so just be sure that your cat will need a scratching post.

However, when buying a scratching post, ensure that it’s sturdy to avoid accidents, and it should be well made for durability. Also, cats are always playful and they might go up and down the post every so often hence the insistent on stability. Other types of cat furniture include cat trees, cat towers/condo, cat houses, etc. All this are for keeping your cat busy because you don’t want him/her to be bored on the couch all day. And, if you have seen obese cats, you sure don’t want yours to turn that way so get them some furniture to keep them busy and help them burn the extra calories.

Flea & Tick Controls

Top 10 Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

Whether you are getting an indoor or an indoor and outdoor cat, you must get flea and tick controls for them. This will save you both from these annoying little creatures. If you have never come across or got attacked by these little monsters you sure don’t want to have the experience. Remember that your cat will be all over and it’s easier for them to collect fleas and ticks from wherever. And, you might actually want to check if they have any before having them all over the house for better control. Fleas and ticks are good at hiding and once they land in your house it might take sometime before you fully get rid of them.

Cat Grooming Kit

Top 10 Essential Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

You don’t want your cat to accidentally hurt you as you play so keep those nails clipped. Also, most cats look forward to grooming time just as you do for massage or to get your hair done and facials. Get a fine-toothed comb for their fur and they will enjoy it. Everyone enjoys some scrubbing and hair combing and so do cats. You will also notice that cats enjoy some strocking and they will actually do all manner of things to get your attention then immediately relax when you start attending them. Also, if you are getting a kitten, start grooming them early especially with nail clipping to make it easier as they grow. Also, as you get your cat/kitten, ask how they like the grooming time because it will not be surprising to find that they don’t like it or some of it.

Training Aids

Cats are very curious and this is common with all cats because it’s their nature. Have you watched the various cats & Christmas tree videos? Well, that’s just how cats are with everything. You will leave a bottle on the counter but your cat will be curious to know how it looks on the floor and head on to push and drop it. In fact, if you had a camera on throughout your house, you will be surprised by the things that your cat tries to do.

The cats training aids are meant to keep your cats and your staff safe. This is because, in the process of climbing or scratching a Christmas tree, for example, it might fall on your cat and cause serious injuries. You can get a defender barrier or any other training aid based on the kind of items that you are trying to keep your cat from.


Another thing that you should get your new fluffy friend is apparel for cats. If you would like to see your cat looking all cute in all lovely cat themed apparel, start doing your research early enough and know where to get what and at what price. There are really great collections of cat costumes, catyhose, cat dresses, leggings, bodysuits, bow tie collars and skirts at affordable prices. You will enjoy doing the shopping and dressing up your kitty friend.

However, as you shop, have your cat’s size in mind to ensure that you are getting the correct sizes. And, if you love the Do It Yourself projects, you might have some fun designing for your cat.

Wrapping Up

Getting a cat is a huge decision because you will be taking care of a pet that will 100% depend on you solely. However, with the right preparations, everything will run smoothly and the cat will love the transition from their previous home to yours. Most of the listed cat items should be bought before the cat gets to your home but some like a bed can be bought afterward.

The other items that you should consider buying are a cat carrier especially if you plan on transporting the cat and a must if the caregiver or breeder won’t give you the cat with one. When buying a carrier, ensure that it’s not only sturdy but also has secure latches plus a screened opening to give your cat some view of the outside.

Also, make an appointment with a vet. Some cats come with a proof of recent vet visit as well as of vaccinations and the results of various tests and medical conditions. However, some do not have these essential papers and it’s your responsibility to check everything with a veterinary to ensure that your cat is healthy or know which conditions you will be dealing with.

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