Taste of the Wild Grain Dog Food – Natural Dry Dog Food

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A Complete Guide About Taste of the Wild Grain Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Grain Dog Food - Natural Dry Dog Food

Give your dog a burst of energy that’ll last all day with this food by Taste of the Wild. Ideal for super active dogs, it contains an exclusive blend of real vegetables, protein, fruits and a collection of other premium ingredients.

More specifically, this formula touts a mix of smoked salmon, roasted salmon, duck, venison, lamb, quail, and turkey. Not only is it highly digestible but also rich fiber-laden carbs to keep your Poodle full and energized from morning till evening.

Even more impressive is the inclusion of species-specific K9 strain probiotics and prebiotics to support your dog’s immune system. What this means is that you can feed Taste of the Wild to any dog, even those with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

Of course, the best dog food has to be highly absorbable, and this formula doesn’t fall short. It comes with chelated minerals to ensure that your pet’s digestive system soaks in all the beneficial nutrients. Put differently, Taste of the Wild formulation sees to it that your furry friend enjoys the full value of its specially curated ingredients.

On top of that, this dog food features a well-balanced amount of omega fatty acids. That way, every bite will help keep your canine’s skin and coat smooth while improving its overall well-being. And, as the name suggests, it contains no filler, corn, grain, preservatives, colors or any artificial flavors.

Taste of the Wild is a dry formula, with an above-average percentage of protein (32%), mean fat level (18%) and carbohydrate content (42%). Its fat to protein ration stands at around 57%.

Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food - Ingredient

When you consider the blueberries, vitamin E supplement, dried chicory root, biotin, yucca, tomatoes and sweet potatoes boost, it has an excellent kibble profile for healthy pups and strong adult dogs. And to top it off, it comes in 5, 14, 15, 28 and 30 pounds packaging to suit your feeding needs depending on the number of dogs you keep.

  • Contains REAL roasted meats to tickle your dog’s taste buds
  • Veggies and fruit supplementation offer a well-rounded diet
  • Deliver natural antioxidants to ward off common illness
  • It’s grain free – suitable for allergic dogs
  • Has been recalled in the in the past. However, the manufacturer has since corrected the events that lead to the recall
  • You may have to inquire about the expiry date from the manufacturer for your current batch

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